Writing Good Thesis Statements

Usually, the thesis is applied for any types of essays, though it may be helpful for any sort of writing, which requires stating a stance or coming to various conclusions. Like a science officer organizes the whole experiment around a supposition, you may organize the whole piece of composing around the thesis.

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The Essence of the Thesis

The thesis is a sentence, which includes a certain point of view regarding the topic and characterizes the remaining part of the paper. It should not be a question not a statement and in case your paper is targeted at answering a question (for example, “Why do people adore eating chocolate stuff?”), then your thesis can be an answer to the given question formed in one sentence (for example, “Eating chocolate products is considered as a pleasant experience, which releases various chemicals in our brain that in their turn can bring us to good mood, functioning as a reward system that causes us to get back for more”).

More often than not, you will need help writing a good thesis statement, so the following information may turn out to be useful for you and your friends.

In most cases, the thesis is brief and centers on only one issue, though it has, at the same time, to be wide enough to be available for discussion and to provide a writer with a possibility to prove it.

Where Should One Place the Thesis?

The thesis has to be placed somewhere at the beginning of the paper, or at least very close to the top. It provides readers with an issue you are going to discuss in the paper, and it is very significant to provide it to readers on an early stage.

In which Way One Should Compose the Thesis

  1. Prepare the subject for a discussion. You need to complete the given task in order to build up the argument and be ready to narrow it down to the thesis (for instance, “What is the reason of people’s affection for chocolate stuffs?”) When you completely do not have any idea how to write a thesis statement, read the facts mentioned below very attentively.
  2. Consider the answer for the subject’s question, or build up a standard idea of how you would like to approach the subject. Try to brainstorm those ideas that support your argument line (for example, chocolate is very tasty, it gives you great feelings, it can melt inside your mouth, it is able to release dopamines that in their turn can act as a reward system, at the time you eat chocolate you want to eat it again and again).
  3. After you have considered a number of ideas, which support your thoughts, try to take into consideration links between these ideas. There is no need to link all your thoughts but you have to be ready to look for a link between at least some of them that will assist you in focusing your idea into the thesis. (E.g. “Eating chocolate stuffs is able to release those chemicals, which make us want more chocolate.”).
  4. After you have founded the needed link, it is possible to produce the thesis, which takes the link among those thoughts and centers on it in order to argue the whole issue. (E.g. ““Eating chocolate products is considered as a pleasant experience, which releases various chemicals in our brain that in their turn can bring us to good mood, functioning as a reward system that causes us to get back for more.”)

You still require some help on writing a thesis statement? If yes, do not procrastinate and address to someone who is aware of how to produce the thesis in an effective way. It may be your teachers, instructors, or professors in school, college or university. The key point here is to get rid of excessive shyness and ask for assistance you definitely need. Do not forget that the well-written and well-organized thesis can increase your chances to get an excellent grade for this or that paper.
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The Perfect Thesis:

  • Is brief and clear not only to you but to all your readers;
  • comprise only one sentence, two sentences at maximum;
  • argues the whole issue, forges a stance;
  • is wide enough in order to be divided into certain points to support it but not so wide to lose a clear and understandable argument for readers.

When you know perfectly well hoe to compose the thesis correctly and you do not think “write my thesis statement for me,” you will only wonder how you ever formed papers and all your other argumentative pieces of writing without it! So, now you can witness yourself that writing the thesis is not like a nightmare if you know how to do it for sure.

But, if you still have questions or not so confident about your writing skills, you can visit this link:

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