Why do politicians endlessly repeat the same phrase?

Theresa may constantly speaks to the strength and stability. The closer the General elections in Britain members of Parliament are increasingly repeated in his speeches the same phrases and wording. Over and over again. Why do they do it?

Last before elections session of questions to the Prime Minister in Parliament ended on Wednesday, appeal angry MP Paul Flynn to the speaker. Policies sarcastically asked, not implanted whether all MPs conservatives special microchip that causes them to repeat the words “strong and stable” (strong and stable) every 18 seconds.

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Parliamentary veteran from the labor party in point: the slogan of the conservatives during the session was mentioned 16 times, with three of them in one question of MP Michael Fabricant. 10 days from the date of announcement of General elections (during the announcement of Theresa may use the phrase “strong and stable” three times) in the house of Commons this slogan was 25 times. And that’s not counting the endless repetition of the same words – and this is a sustainable formulation, in interviews, speeches and tweets conservative MPs and Ministers.

Theresa may use the phrase “strong and stable” at the beginning of his first campaign speech in Bolton, and then suddenly who did not hear – more 11 times, all in the same treatment:

  • Gambit Theresa may: that will bring Britain early election?
  • A letter to Theresa may about the “breccia”: explanation of key points
  • The opposition party tried to turn this tactic turned on its head and turn it against the government.
  • So why are we inundated this endless stream of reps?
  • “Strong and stable”

The slogan of the conservatives used in different variations:

  • 25 times in 10 days in the house of Commons
  • 16 times during a session of questions to the Prime Minister on 26 April
  • 12 times in one speech Theresa May

The answer to this question lies in the calculation of head of a campaign headquarters of Barack Obama Jim Messina, who reportedly took on the work of the electoral team of Theresa may. According to him, voters spend thinking about politics just four minutes a week.

Therefore, the policy and repeat your key messages again and again – hoping to squeeze in a four-minute window. As a result of any who are in duty bound to closely follow the campaign, after a while starts to repeat phrases like “the economy in the long term” and “consumer prices” in my sleep.

“We need to repeat the same words again and again, the former spin doctor of Tony Blair, lance Price. And no matter what journalists are sick to death of listening to them, the most important thing that voters need to hear the same wording many times before she gets it into the subconscious and begin to find some response”. At the same time, he said, repeated the phrase does not even necessarily need to carry some deeper meaning.

The team of Tony Blair actively used tactics of repetition

“Blair loved to use the phrase “the future not the past” (the future, not the past) is pretty meaningless by itself, the phrase, but he repeated it again and again, and as a result the Tories looked clinging to the past, while labor – modern and progressive,” explains Price.

Safe to say that Jeremy Corbyn, who promised “a new type of politics” if elected leader of the party, did not follow the precepts of “new labor”. He tried a few sonorous phrases in the recent Prime Minister’s question (saying, for example, that the Tories “strong against weak and weak against the strong”), but so far the labor party has not adopted the tactic of endless repetition.

However, the expert in the field of PR technologies mark hell quite wary of this technique, which he calls “simplified political agitation”. According to him, although the repetition and the simplicity of this Maxim, and can hypnotize people, on the other hand, such tactics can only strengthen the skeptical mood against politicians from voters who are tired of elections.

“It has become customary to think that the whole message can be concluded in one word, but it seems to me that people want more,’ he says. Rather it only reinforces electoral apathy”.

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“The lost art”

Hell is not alone in his desire to hear more meaningful performances. “The party apparatus is too cautious to encourage real speech,” complained before the last General election Professor of ancient philosophy Mary Byrd.

“In ancient Greece or Rome, on the contrary, the art of rhetoric was important in political life, – she said. – Return some of this lost art can benefit society and help to grow these pretty indistinguishable from each other things”. However, according to hell, the methods of this campaign partly forms the experience of the American election and the promise of Donald trump’s “make America great again”.

“It seems that everything is absolutely obsessed with the success of trump, he says. – Although people don’t admit this, in fact, they actually copy the tactics that they think has been key to its success.” What was the key to the success of British political leaders, we learn not earlier than six weeks. So, politicians have plenty of time to throw us a “strong and stable” slogans.

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