Who is the political scientist?

Thousands of men in stretched trench sitting on the couch in front of the TV, and shout at the screen, “Oh, and give me power, and I two minutes will raise the country from its knees”. Well, it’s just politicians! Coaches are politicians. A real scientist needs to know a little more than “jail them all” and “but he’s a good uncle.” These are born scientists, real scientists are studying daily!

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Who is the scientist?

The analyst is a person who is knowledgeable in the mechanisms, methods and the logic of the political system, well versed in international politics and the peculiarities of the politics of their own country. Politicians is the behind the scenes players that really make policy of the country, leaving all the blows and all the credit to politicians and deputies.

The analyst is the logic and intuition of any company because he is able to anticipate change and guide policy in the right direction. An experienced analyst can easily assess and predict changes in regional and world politics. Therefore, the analyst can be called a sort of Nostradamus, but in a more professional scale.

In our country the specialty “political Science” is in all classical universities and in many institutions. The classic “political Science” produces more than narrow specialists, scientists and such subjects as International relations political scientists in international Affairs also interpreters in the bargain.

These specialties are somewhat different slant: political scientists a more in depth study it is the policy in all its branches, and international relations between countries and their foreign policy. However, the basic subjects are the same: history of political ideas, rhetoric, world political process, catalog the like. Most importantly, what is taught in Universities of future professionals , is to think critically and realistically assess all the political processes.

Another nuance that distinguishes political scientists at the University among other that they from the first days of school looking for and most importantly find the right connections. Those who are really interested in it already to 2ому course have time to meet with several deputies, to work on elections and to find out where to get a job after graduation.

That should be able analyst?

The analyst must know everything about politics. Not only the theoretical basis of how the policy is built and what tools to use, but what program have opponents, and what do you think grandmother at the entrance about the government and political parties. The analyst needs to be a little psychologist, economist, sociologist and politician. It needs to scan and analyze everything where there is life.

The analyst must be able much clearly and convincingly to speak. And most importantly to persuade. A real scientist can one phrase to make a discourse for half an hour, and still not answer the question. This is a small professional magic. Magic is to provide and to turn the tide in their favor. A little legitimate political manipulations and you are done.

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May work where the analyst?

The analyst knowledgeable in all aspects of society, and therefore can get literally any job that is associated with the public. Political scientists are taught from the first year to find a way where there seems to be no and everything is good to mask words.

Usually politicians are those people that create a political image of our politicians, create programs for political parties, in short, doing politics in the country. So the usual place of work political parties are councilors or deputies, politicians, the ruling elite. It is the scientists do not give policies to the end to destroy our country. The analyst is at the epicenter of events, but far enough away to avoid being caught in case of an explosion.

Since not all politicians listen to the voice of reason (political scientists), and the lack of places not at all. Therefore, many scientists are served in journalism: political publications, or act as experts in many programs on different TV channels. Analysts are able to quickly analyze and professionally a lot to talk about.

The scientists of the institutes, due to the specifics of their education, familiar with diplomatic practices and therefore can work in the Ministry of foreign Affairs and consular services, as well as interpreters for any firm.

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