Tsipras announced the completion for Greece of an odyssey with a debt crisis

Greek Prime Minister said that new times are coming

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced the completion of the eight-year odyssey with a debt crisis.

The Greek prime minister, on the occasion of the completion on August 20 of the third aid program of 86 billion euros, made a televised address to the people. He called this day a historic for the country and said that now Greece is restoring its right to determine its fate and its future.

Note that the appeal was conducted from the island of Ithaca – from the homeland of King Odysseus. As early as April 23, 2010, former Prime Minister George Papandreou, in his address from the island of Kastelorizo, spoke of the beginning of a modern odyssey and the onset of new times.

Tsipras in his treatment several times referred to the poem of Homer and the images from it. He recalled that since 2010, Greece had to survive a loss of 25% of national wealth, unemployment, as well as austerity. The Prime Minister noted that the country was in a state of emergency, but the people did not tolerate such a fate and 3.5 years ago made a historic decision – “to take the country’s steering wheel from those who led the country to the rocks and give it to the new captains.”

The Greek prime minister believes that they managed to “pull the country out of memoranda and endless asceticism”, and that this means the beginning of a new era. Tsipras added that today there is the power to make Greece such as it deserves to be.

Recall that in 2010 Greece received financial loans under the programs in exchange for the implementation of the program, which included a number of painful reforms and adjustment of macroeconomic indicators. Representatives of creditors regularly monitored the implementation of this program, and this influenced the issuance of new tranches. In total, Greece received from international creditors 290 billion euros.

The day before it was reported that Greece successfully completed the third program of external macro-financial assistance and withdrew from under the external management of foreign creditors.

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