Trump’s visa policy

Bad Trump issued a decree (executive order) on which entry to America was for 90 days is closed for citizens of Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia, regardless of the presence of these people entry us visa. Known for his unbiased attitude to the Trump CNN hastened to announce in the title that the entry into the United States closed to 134 million people. Can you imagine the horror? As many as 134 million Somalis, Sudanese, Libyans, Syrians and other civilians of the planet Earth will not be able in the next 90 days to visit US. As approximately 7 billion inhabitants of the same planet, who don’t have the money and visa.

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At the same time Trump decided to suspend for 120 days the American program of reception of refugees and the quota for it to be cut from the current 110,000 people a year to 50,000. The program will be resumed after the U.S. intelligence services will deal with the procedures for the admission of refugees into the country.

I think this is a completely rhetorical question. Many countries — including the United States, and France and the State of Israel — at different times had to bitterly regret their visas, passports and refugee statuses granted to guests of the hot spots without proper validation. All would be better if the French visa is not received, for example, Mohamed Lower-Bolel from Tunisia that killed 86 people and maimed another 308 on the promenade des Anglais in nice. And in the center of Paris, and the State de France would be a smaller fire, if in Europe, careful to let the people of the Syrian and Iraqi passports.

With all due respect to the right of the supporters of ISIS and the Islamic revolutionary guard to move freely around the world, citizens of developed countries, too, have some rights. For example, the right to protection against international terrorist threats. When the immigration service allow entry into the United States or the EU of suicide bombers, this right is violated. In recent months we have seen enough examples to be sure: entry, visa and immigration procedures in many countries of the West is imperfect, and the question of the introduction of more stringent procedures for passport control — not a whim of some sort of racist, xenophobic or populist. Millions of French are reviewing their attitude towards migrants and open door policy have not been reading the speeches of Trump, and not even my posts about Syria and the latest news from Paris, nice, Toulouse, Rouen.

You can, of course, for the sake of political correctness to pretend that the terrorist infrastructure of the Islamists in the West has nothing to do with the holes in immigration policies, and that all the terrorists in the world — just a single, randomly went to the roof, as Anders Breivik. But the facts show otherwise. Breivik, the Unabomber, McVeigh really a lone, but by people associated with the Syrian-Iraqi and the Palestinian terrorist underground in the West is in the many thousands. Freedom of movement between Syria and Europe — important factor contributing to the current terror threat level for Paris, Brussels, London. The fact that in the French attacks periodically people are involved, included in special lists, local intelligence is a sure sign that the number of dangerous Islamists have already exceeded the possibilities of the power structures not only to identify, but even tracking those who have already registered…

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Parallel to another of the passport and visa scandal erupted around the immigrants from Arab countries, who managed to get British citizenship — and they now also don’t want to let in America, in spite of the passport of the United Kingdom. To me this brings to mind the explosion in the Tel Aviv bar Mike’s Place, next to the U.S. Embassy. The attack made Asif Muhammad Hanif, from the London suburb of Hounslow and Omar Khan Sharif from Derby. In Israel, they both moved from Jordan, for British passports. If they tried to enter Syria, they would not be allowed. Of course, this would violate their right to freedom of movement. But it seems to me, reasonable price for the life and health of people caught in that April night in Tel Aviv.

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