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“Home alone 2. Lost in new York”

If you remember, the main character arrives at the famous Plaza hotel, which at that time was Donald Trump. Boy meets Trump and asks him where the reception Desk.

Prediction of “Unpredictable Susan”

Surprisingly, the fact that Donald Trump’s life has prepared the presidency was predicted in the 1990th years! In the popular TV series “Unpredictable Susan” with Brooke shields in the title role, most of the action takes place in a fictional edition of the magazine. In one episode, the heroes decided to make a sensational cover and imprinted on it a photo of Donald Trump with the caption “Our next President?”. As the water looked.

The role in the TV series “the fresh Prince of Bel Air”

American TV series with will Smith one of the first to speak about the problems of African Americans and appealed to social issues Los Angeles. The billionaire Trump was still far from politics, played a small role in 25 the season 4. According to the script, he wanted to buy the house in which lived the family of the hero.

The father of “little rascal”

In the remake of the classic comedies of the thirties “the Little rascals” (directed by Penelope of safaris) Trump played the father of one of the young heroes, Waldo, from a very rich family. According to the scenario, friends of the boys formed a club of misogynists. Despite such a slippery subject, in the movie it looked sweet. Donald Trump, too. He played such in its Board guy.

Cameo in “Twisted city”

In the TV series “Twisted city”, telling about unscrupulous mayor of new York Michael Flaherty, Donald Trump played himself – loud, bright wealthy jovial with a strange sense of humor. He appeared in episode in 1998.

Having worked in big movies and TV shows, Donald Trump decided to try and small genre. In the video of “Pizza hut” in 1995, he and his then wife Joanna enjoy eating pizza, biting with wide edge. The meaning of this strange way is still a mystery.

Frank Gale, author of the trilogy “Back Again To the near future” revealed that Donald Trump turned the Biff Tannen’s model. Within the movie, Biff may be the 27’s proprietor casino, is just a touch in the 37 story Hotel. From the period the 2nd section of “Back Again To the near future” (1989) Trump was a guy having an infamous status, who owns the resort cycle plus one of America’s biggest building businesses.

Then it was still quite a new institution, it opened in 1990, and construction of a spent I think nearly a billion dollars. Trump provided to the crew chic location in your shop and no money was asked for. By the way, extremely funny moment is connected with the shooting in this gambling house. Remember the scene in which casinos stand half-witted old man, tear the handle off a one armed bandit? Already the police from the building makes, but he continues to pull it (laughs). So, played in this movie himself! After all, and he was an avid player – loved machines, and poker, and in the evening to spend massive amounts of money on is entertainment.


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