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While it is not necessary to win the election. For this the world has never been the same, Trump had enough to participate in them. This is perhaps the first election in America, when the process itself was much more important than the result.

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Fireproof agenda

But, contrary to predictions, the “infection” under the influence of a strong East wind began to spread predominantly in a westerly direction. In countries which are still considered the pillars of liberal democracy, the man in the street EN masse in rebellion against the political establishment.

Not had time to subside disputes about the “breccia” with which English society, without considering the consequences, a slap in the face to their ruling class as wave crossed the Atlantic and hit the United States hurricane named “Donald”. It is necessary to distinguish the identity of the Trump and the Trump agenda.

The identity of a potential President until the only remaining survivors of a superpower (it is possible that it is something and it will finish) looks very extravagant, and there is a significant proportion of the historically accidental. Trump could look differently (for example, be similar to Sanders…), but it’s not very important would have changed the essence of the political phenomenon, the embodiment of which he is.

Agenda Trump, by contrast, is not random, and long endured the postmodern, lulled by their own well-being Western society. As strange as “rosettes” or embellished this political cake, it is densely imbued with protest against the political correctness that is the scourge of modern democracy.

In the West, more and more people do not find their place in the system of traditional democratic values. Supporters of Trump, by definition, will all those who feel alienated from the state, thrown overboard political and economic life of an outcast.

This rebellion against the system, a rebellion against routine, a rebellion against the lies and the pursuit of utopia, the thirst for simple and quick solutions. Trump was nothing more than the accidental mouthpiece of a certain political agenda, which is more powerful and superior to him, and will in one form or another is implemented with Trump or without Trump, regardless of, he will win or lose the election.

Trump can “burn”, but its agenda as a “fireproof safe” after the fire, the winner will get. If Clinton wins, she wants it or not, will have to reckon with the agenda Trump, but to a large extent to implement it. Maybe she’ll make it worse than the Trump, but it is possible that better. Trump is still too impulsive and Clinton’s methodical and punctual.

One way or another, but simple continuity with the policy of “neither peace nor war” Obama will not have under any new President. In principle, Trump has done his duty, Trump can go. Although it is unlikely, of course, he with this thesis agree.

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The world into “fast neutrons”

After 8 November, whatever the outcome of the election Saga in the US, policymakers around the world will have to learn to think faster. The epoch of General relaxation, when the events occurred on schedule, and to resolve political problems was enough to simulate the process of solving them, it seems, comes to an end.

Agenda Trump is pushing to start to make decisions – not necessarily good, often, on the contrary, the bad but still make. Actually, this unconscious appeal to the really bad action is a good imitation and is, in my opinion, the essence of the phenomenon of the tramp in America or “breccia” in England.

We can assume that regardless of the outcome of the vote a world in the very near future retracts and at the same time, inevitably will be shaken. America will begin unwittingly to clarify its policy and, thereby, to clarify the situation in various parts of the world. US-led West is finally determined in favor of the second edition of “cold war” with the almost simultaneous transition to discharge.

Anyway, we got to see firsthand how the political accelerator time as he accelerates and pushes between the political galaxy under his power break and go into oblivion fostered by decades of well-fed and quiet life myths. And for all this we must thank Donald Trump, regardless of whether or not he becomes the next President of the United States.

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