The prediction for the next 100 days Part 1

The first 100 days of a Donald  Trump presidency behind. It’s time to take a breath, consolidate what has been achieved during these three months, and try to imagine what awaits us in the next 100 days.

As I wrote last week, the results of the first 100 days of his presidency are very contradictory. Trump was unable to push through Congress almost any new laws. But he was able to achieve certain results its decrees, especially as regards immigration controls and the cancellation of a number of normative legal acts.

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Trump were able to affect the Substantial judge, though that’s caused by effectively existing conditions (because of the resistance of Republicans in Congress, Leader Barak didn’t designate a brand new judge once the Substantial court includes an emptiness), and never his individual accomplishment.

Although 100 days’ number offered large amount of significance  how the White and also the press house itself,  actually, it’s a small phrase of the  Trump in energy.


Throughout the presidency of the  Trump about the stock exchange’s 100 times a rebirth is there. Once Fund David Minchin’s Minister requested to describe fees to be reduced by the Whitehouse intend, he responded that it’s about ” jobs, and much more time operating.” And really, it’s a question about the economy and also careers in general would be.

Nobody in the USA hasn’t overlooked “the Truly Amazing downturn” in 2008, voters backed mostly because of the proven fact that he guaranteed to make sure financial development and monetary balance, especially for that bright working class, that will be nevertheless not retrieved in the last disaster.

A reliable economy

Just like a lot of his additional guarantees throughout the election strategy, an extremely high bar has been established by the  Trump. He continuously guaranteed the economy may develop above the present pattern, nicely by 4% each year.

A reliable economy was learned by Donald Trump with constant, or even magnificent, price of development and reduced unemployment prices. Within his presidency’s 100 times, the stock market that was National was thriving, and customer confidence later on has elevated.

Nevertheless, lately printed information about the development of the economy within the first 3 months of the year (it had been 0.7%) may show a less positive future.

Ultimately,  Trump the presidency and all its trade and tax policy is likely to be examined in lighting of the purses of the nation may affect. And talk below moves the purses of regular Americans, but additionally not just about wall street.

Usually, the Leader concentrates to credit for that state of the economy or its tackle a lot more costs than they deserve. Simply because the macroeconomic elements cannot be controlled by them are far more essential for the economy than presidents.

May he succeed? Four decades is just a very long time. But since on the strong foundation,  Trump started in the perspective of economy, the presidency, you will find probabilities that it’ll enhance.


Immigration is largely under the control of the President, and Donald  Trump does not hesitate to use its powers in this area. However, two of its immigration ordinances, was blocked by the courts. His second decree on the temporary cessation of reception of refugees and the ban on entry into the country of the six Muslim countries will be considered in the court of appeal.

Furthermore, the decree on termination of Federal funding of cities refusing to cooperate with the immigration service, was blocked by a judge in California.

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“Migrants are criminals” and trolls

While there is intense debate about how to build the promised  Trump a wall along the border with Mexico. It seemed that the presidential administration will require the allocation of funds for the construction of a wall in the recently concluded budget negotiations. But the White house refused, and, apparently, intends to seek project funding in the autumn budget discussions.

During the election campaign, while still a presidential candidate,  Trump promised to reform the immigration system, to reduce the influx of immigrants, to change the priorities of migration policy of the United States, and to review the process of issuing work permits for foreigners that may adversely affect the obtaining of visas for foreign high skilled workers.

Will he succeed? The President has enough power and desire to achieve their goals in this field, as the final arbiter of the legality of his actions will be the Supreme court, which is now dominated by conservative judges.

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