The future of political parties in United States Part 1

During a television debate in Miami one of the contenders for the nomination as candidate for US presidents from Republicans, Marco Rubio, has criticized his chief rival Donald trump for his words that Islam hates America. A lot of the emotions elicited and statements of trump about Russian President Vladimir Putin and the events in Tiananmen square in China.

Previously, several influential politicians of the Republican party criticized trump. They believe that a billionaire, if you do become a candidate, will lose the November election.

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However, despite all the resistance party functionaries, trump is steadily moving towards to officially become a candidate in the presidential election from the Republican party. Why is it so popular?

Both of You at our “Fifth floor” of the regular guests, you can say “professional Americans”. With whom, if not with you, to talk about what is happening in the presidential race. Today we wanted to discuss one aspect of it, namely what’s happening with the Republicans. Now in regard to the mainstream in the Republican party a perfect panic, and panic is such that even the representatives of the largest IT companies – Google, Apple, Tesla, and SpaceX (unlikely these people can be suspected of conservatism, the tendency to support the Republican party), is ready to coalesce with the Republicans only in order to prevent trump as a presidential candidate.

As I understand it, they are driven not so much consciousness that if trump will sit in the presidential chair four years, it would be a disaster for America, how much the knowledge that either of the two democratic candidates – whether Sanders or Hillary Clinton  trump will lose. Alex, is that right?

Different classifications occur. In principle, the General impression, the main population surveys show that trump pretty much plays like Hillary Clinton, and Sanders is the most possible candidates of the Democrats. Sanders and even loses by a large margin than Hillary, which business leaders want to see in the White house.

MS: Sam, the intrigue is to prevent Democrats in the White house, or to save America from a man who has proven himself not as a typical politician?

Sam green: I think there are a lot of different factors. In fact, people of such high rank, like Tim cook or Elon Musk, I think, most likely, not about a particular election. Everyone is convinced that trump in any case loses, but the price of this loss for the Republican party, for the political system and for the state as a whole is large enough.

The last eight years of Republican resistance to Obama, which is that just refuse to have any normal political cases, refuse any compromise and put a bomb under American control, shows that we need at least two workable, credible political parties.

The loss of these elections for candidate trump will most likely result in a full scale crisis in the Republican party, from which they will not soon recover. For short term interests of the Democrats this could be good, but from the point of view of General policy is to anything. Needs to be healthy competition. We already know that the obstructionists Republicans can be anyway, but nobody needs it.

MS: Alex, how there is a big danger for the Republican party? On the one hand, from time to time there is a movement unifying properties: let’s have, in the end, agree, choose the one, which will close ranks. On the other hand, from the latest news Chris Christie, Governor of new Jersey, who also at some point decided that he is fit for the presidency, and then withdrew his candidacy, has openly declared that supports trump. This saw him not that personal interest, but professional too – to quarrel with a possible future President not with his hands.

It is decidedly so. The whole country is a little terrified of trump, except those who support him, but among Republicans it is especially seen. Many prominent Republican politicians have opposed the trump absolutely categorically. In particular, the ideologues of the Republican party, such as Cagan, even our fellow Max boot is one of the leading neo conservatives wrote articles that they will vote for Hillary Clinton and that trump is a plague to American democracy.

In the Republican party, first, already is a civil war as it was called. No doubt will be a huge change, regardless of what happens in the next few months. Secondly, in the main, Republicans still control the Senate and the Congress, both houses. So you can’t say that the Republican party will disappear. It still continues to be, as our colleague, they obstruction may continue. Most likely, if you can’t win Hillary, we’ll have at least four years of Obama’s presidency. Almost nothing can be done.

But how this will further unfold in the Republican party  whether it will be broken into two parts – and the more traditional Republican Pro business, Pro economic, that was called “rich white men”  if there is such a gap, it is unclear what will happen. The Democrats have actually now also not so great. So we can at the end of this election cycle have four parties in the United States.

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MS: It’s curious. Sam, how likely is the division of the Republicans, assuming that trump has first of all candidates approved by the candidate, and then quite categorically loses the election the democratic candidate, whoever he was? Talk about the fact that right wing forces not only in the US but in some places in Europe are now beginning to share around some in public opinion problems, being the first year. The tea party has not disappeared, may well become the party of trump. Or tramp is man alone that is for the future of the Republican party after these elections is not critical? Trump, of course, not an accident, he is not alone. It is a consequence of the processes that were initiated to some extent under Clinton, but mostly, during the first Obama term is obstructionism, the creation of this “Tea party” to just make it impossible to conduct political Affairs in the country. They very successfully did. We saw some time ago John Boehner from his post as speaker of the lower house. It was also connected with this part of the Republican party, which the rebel in some sense.

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