The analysis of new orders signed by Trump

President Donald trump and the Republicans in Congress are preparing a bill on large scale spending cuts to social assistance. According to sources close to the White house, trump was very angry when I saw the statistics on expenditures on welfare, immigrants paid taxes.

Apparently, with green cards and even U.S. passports expecting a much more grim, than illegal immigrants. Under the hot hand of trump will not get only two categories of disabled immigrants citizens and retired citizens with wide experience of work in America (officially the regular payment of taxes to the IRS). I’ll tell you that the plan to please every person who voted for Donald trump. According to statistics, 58.2% of immigrants are now receiving at least one form of public assistance, and if trump will find a way to reduce this figure at least 10 times, he will be able to make America Great Again.

For example, if the holder of a green card for a long time, gets food stamps, health insurance and other benefits, as officially poor, that it thoroughly check (tax evasion, secret work for cash), and then suspend a green card or just give to the Office for the implementation of customs and immigration laws (ICE) as unreliable.

Citizens deportation will not touch, because they are protected by the US Constitution, but to expel “wolferstan” green cards Trump will not be easy. Service citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) under Obama has been extremely reluctant to provide assistance to disabled immigrants. In particular, they are often denied citizenship.

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Inspection of immigrants citizens by SSN

There is a very easy way to learn how useful for the economy of America every immigrant. It is enough to “banish” his social security number for all databases in the public services.

In today’s digital databases information is stored with a 30 ies of the last century, so in a few minutes it will become clear when and to what extent people were receiving welfare. Thus, the team, trump will reveal the biggest pests that during the years of his residence in the United States received aid to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In this case, they will no matter what the former “velperweg” currently for free lunch will have to pay.

Review “wolferstan” SSN is necessary in order to make one of four decisions: to force a person to return illegally obtained, to initiate a criminal case against him, cut off once and for all the way to the welfare, deportation (if not a citizen).

If you cut the food stamp program twice, it is possible, for example, to build a fence on the border with Mexico. Trump understands this and in near future from almost SNAP the little that remains. The “elephants” there are two options: reduce the amount of payments and reduce the number of recipients of food stamp benefits. Most likely, trump’s going and then, on the other, reducing the expenditure budget by $70 billion. Republicans are well aware that much sense in a SNAP no, because people are hungry in America is not by definition. The poor also have access to other types of food aid (foodbank, programs of nonprofit organizations, etc.).

Theoretically, the owners of green cards now are unable to obtain social assistance. They have lived in the country for five years and get citizenship. Unfortunately, this rule is often ignored by both immigrants and state authorities. When the tramp attempts to get welfare, a green card will be considered a serious crime punishable by deportation.

This essential measure will kill two birds: the budget will save billions of dollars and make America an unattractive country for immigration.

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The elimination of some programs fleering

Trump wants to shift the care of able bodied fans of freebies for nonprofit organizations, and mayors and governors who disagree with his policies. Therefore, many Federal programs may disappear altogether. In particular, the program of preferential housing (housing), support in cash (cash assistance), etc.

At the same time, working people without government support will not remain. All welfare reform is based on the principle of “worked and earned”. People with experience and tax declarations that are ashamed to take anything from the state, will be the main contenders for the contracts in case of job loss or retirement.

Finish your stuff the brilliant Ronald Reagan saying:

“The best welfare is work”.

I want to believe that soon it will understand all the unwarranted recipients of state benefits, which cost taxpayers a quarter of the Federal budget (if Obama was exceeds the level of one trillion dollars annually).

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