The 3 best books written by Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a business hero of our time. Very popular in the US, but for some reason little known to us. To correct this injustice – it is my duty (and trump will have me). Let me remind you, where you could “overlap” with the trump. In the U.S. he leads a blockbuster program “The Apprentice” (you may have heard his famous phrase “You’re fired!”). Trump is the author of many business bestseller, and almost all published.

On it is written glossy magazines that tell about new scandals associated with the trump (another spouse, a luxury wedding of his son, the highest fee for public speaking…). I recently read about how trump, whose fortune is estimated at $ 2.7 billion, sued a journalist who wrote a book about him, and the publishing house that issued it. A claim estimated at $ 5 billion. Here an additional motive to carefully read the books of trump, who in compensation for moral damages and intentional libel requires the amount which is almost twice of his condition. Not in words but in deeds trump is working to increase his fortune.

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How to become rich

On page 154 you will find Camoranesi trump on this book. “In this book that you hold in your hands… a bit of good advice and wise thoughts, a bit of gossip and a glimpse of glory.” But simple advice how to become rich – no. It is understandable, what is good for trump and other developers of real estate, not always good for other entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Here are just some of them. “The proposals are welcome but only sensible”. “Every new employee is a risk.” “Become a trademark and blew themselves known to the whole world.” “If possible, avoid handshakes”. “Read Carl Jung”. “Sign a marriage contract.” “Refrain from intermediaries.” “Appreciate your “I,””. “Sometimes you have to fuck them”. “If you hold them by the balls, heart and mind will not drag”… What else to expect from someone who writes: “Modesty and good hints for the nuns and psychotherapists…”?

This book should be required from those involved in real estate (do not be surprised if it is). But also business people from other industries will be able to learn the secrets of the trump deals. In this book trump describes her steps on the path to fame and fortune (the first Chapter is called “How I do business: week in the life” represents the duration of the working week billionaire single compare with his week).

The second Chapter is “My leverage. Terms of the deal” on the principles that have guided the trump. As he admits, his style is integrity. And his advice is: “dream big”, “Think negative consequences, and positive will manifest themselves”, “Try to strengthen the attractiveness of the place”, “Let them start talking about you”, “Always give back”, “Have fun”…

Next Chapter – the history of the largest transactions of trump. And all the principles of transactions, about which he preaches, in action. Trump. Think like a billionaire. All you need to know about success, real estate and life in General. Some accuse me of indiscretion… These people just don’t read trump! I recommend them to read this book and reconsider your opinion about me – and about many other things.

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The book has three main sections – real estate (“How to rent an apartment”, “How to read ads and the list of proposals of apartments”, “How to buy a house”, “How to find a good office”, “How to get the best mortgage”), money (“How to buy stocks and bonds”, “How to determine the acceptable amount of risk when investing, How to track your financial state, How to provide for their old age”…) and about the business of life (“How to promote”, “How to organize the work of the office” “How to dress for work and grooming”, “How to achieve balance between work and romance”, “How to impress business colleagues”…). You can start reading with the one that is most relevant to you.

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