Political science for dummies Part 2

In principle, one would not care about the level and quality of political knowledge of our compatriots. But then they become (and already are) easy prey for manipulators. Demagogues, with the support of the audience, play along with her demands and rising on this wave, usually ruining themselves and those who confided in them by the people, and the state itself. Therefore, do not care about this case does not.

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Another aspect of this problem that is now actively start to be interested in politics of a generation that never knew the upbringing and education and even its remnants. They are brought up Hollywood movies, Google and Twitter celebrities. And that’s before we even quite realize how their perception differs from ours. The audience, incidentally, waiting for their final battle where the villain first beat the hero, and then be long to tell him about their problems, and this will fail, as the hero quietly pulled out of the boot awl and smite the villain in the most unexpected moment and place. If our win — in pipes, and if you lose, you curse the coach and players. Thus, sincerely experiencing.

There is an opinion that we’re dealing with and even physiological peculiarities of perception of reality, which complicates correction of the situation repeatedly. It is known that if a person is deprived of the opportunity of the movement, its muscular system is degraded. Even astronauts, who visited in orbit weightlessness a month, back on Earth, undergoing a long course of muscle recovery, like walking is difficult. All this applies to our mental abilities. And usual modern information technology is largely oppressed. Scientists have known the so-called “Google syndrome”, manifested in the loss of the ability to remember users. Why remember, if there’s always Google or Wikipedia, which will allow you to quickly find the required fact or statement. Gradually (actually very quickly) so man loses the habit of memorization of facts, and complicated information that disappears and the ability to this action. Therefore, in the memory are fixed only General concepts and the most simple facts that leads to the described above issues.

To these ills should be added, and “syndrome Twitter”, pinching the perception of the user in the scope of 140 characters. Conventionally, of course, but in my own experience I know that, for example, a video clip that lasts 3 minutes and you look at times more users than video in 10 minutes. And it does not depend on its content: the decision whether to watch it or not, is taken on the basis of duration (not only, but including).

Famous Spartans, they are residents of Laconia, was famous for the ability to succinctly Express their thoughts, from which was born the term brevity. But “syndrome Twitter” it is irrelevant, as only a tiny minority know how 140 characters to say something really profound. But brevity itself should arouse the listener’s interest in a more detailed and thorough study of the issue. It concerns with all the current popular science. She certainly has a right to exist, but only as the first stage in awakening public interest in the subject and a desire to understand it more. But to go further, you need to control yourself and your habits, to break the vicious circle of and go to a new level of information consumption is more difficult and requires real work on mastering.

Unfortunately, what to do you can do it only in the personal work on oneself, so as to educate you or make no plans.

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