Political science for dummies Part 1

If you have never before been interested in politics, but now decided to find out, but timid and don’t know where to start, do not despair. There is nothing easier. You need only subscribe to a few popular blogs so often to look at entertainment resources, where in the comics, carbon monoxide tweets you quickly explain the point of all that is happening in the world. Assure you, after a few weeks you will feel so expert that without fear will begin to engage in discussions and debate with even more savvy users. Politics — it’s simple and funny! Now let’s talk why it is not and what leads to such a distorted perception.

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Recent years we have seen how the Internet is flooded with entertaining science. Even seasoned entertainment venues have become a place for discussions, and their usual content — seals and naked female nature — modest huddle in the corners, not daring to compete with some another statement by Psaki. It’s definitely under the influence of rabid demand, resulting from the geopolitical changes that shake our reality. People are confused, people do not understand what is happening, and eager to get out of this painful condition grasping some appropriate picture, in which everything is explained and laid out on shelves. In principle, nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, the more citizens are becoming interested in the policy and the geopolitical situation of his native country, the better for all of us. The problem lies elsewhere.

The demand for understanding appeared so suddenly and so urgently that his taming was thrown offer the very dubious quality. This is normal, after all, and extinguish the fire with improvised means, waiting for the arrival of the team of professional firefighters. The problem is that the initial saturation was delayed and had so much to spoil the tastes of the public that she does not want to perceive anything else. She now resides in the belief that blogging Analytics for one and a half pages and tasty pictures quite sufficient for understanding what is happening. And all that goes beyond that, categorically does not accept. This is especially true of the youth audience, which basically creates today, that greedy demand.

Nothing wrong with the popularization of science, like any other science, no. For example, the author in his childhood avidly read wonderful books outstanding popularizer of science. But they only set the stage for the perception of science in the framework of the following educational programs. We have also obtained that the complexity of the political and foreign policy processes is limited to the collection of “Politics for dummies” and nothing more.

The results of this perception has to be found everywhere. In the first place — the inability of the reader to perceive something and even to assume the existence of something that is beyond his knowledge. Hence the desire for simple solutions and explanation. The impact of a nuclear weapon on Washington. It’s simple, and what not, only shows indecision or stupidity of politicians.

In the face of such judgments is possible only to an even easier rebuttal. Thus, in this contest winning is not the truth, but the most convenient and simple point of view. It’s a vicious circle.

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