Guidelines for homework – time and scope

More and more students and parents moan about the homework that is brought home from school. Already in elementary school, children spend several hours in the afternoon to complete all the tasks that the teacher desires. Stress in the family is inevitable.

There are guidelines regarding the time and content of homework. On the one hand, homework should be there to consolidate the substance that was treated in class. This means that the child must be able to do homework alone, without help and in a certain amount of time. Homework is not meant to catch up on non-taught learning material. This requires specific tasks. A task in which you already pondered the question for 30 minutes and wonder what might be meant, does not have to kill a student.

Create Good Learning Atmosphere

Homework should be done independently by the student. Interest from the parents is absolutely necessary, but rather sit with wrong solutions the next day, as daddy present the right results. There is no learning effect.

In order to be able to work in a concentrated manner, a quiet atmosphere and a well-equipped workplace are essential. To ensure this is the responsibility of the parents. No TV, radio or family noise – that simply distracts.

A student must also have enough time and work without pressure. If you only have 20 minutes because something important is up for it, you usually do not make any sense. That could have saved you then. In this case, it would be better to search for online homework help on the Internet.

Housework Times

But how much time should kids even do homework on the day? Provided that the student can work undisturbed and concentrated, the following temporal guidelines are given.

  • In the first year are only a few tasks to do in order to get the students slowly to get used to homework.
  • In 2nd year, homework time should not exceed 30 minutes a day.
  • In the 3rd and 4th years, homework can take up to 60 minutes a day.
  • 5th and 6th grade students should be able to complete their homework within 90 minutes.

If they realize that their student clearly exceeds these times, even though it does not dawdle, then they should become attentive and address this in the school with the teachers. Also learning vocabulary or poems as well as preparing for a class work, etc. are part of the homework time.

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