Gerard Depardieu and his citizenship Part 2

In the West, more popular ideas, it is now called the buzzword “solidarity”, but the essence is the same: the rich should pay higher taxes to the poor to equalize the level of income. We’ve been through, Europe from our experience a lesson not learned.

The current President of France, Francois Hollande, has announced its intention to introduce a 75% tax for the rich, during his inauguration. What’s even worse is that the society changes the attitude towards success and wealth, it becomes negative. But then, why be surprised that people are looking for a more favorable social environment. Who wants to feel guilty for his success, for ability a lot of fruitful work. In light of the rich French moving to Belgium it is a natural result.

The second side economic problems, which in Europe are increasingly talking, although it causes a negative reaction of trade unions and supporters of socialist ideas, this is the situation in the labor market.

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From Europe to India

A few months ago the British newspaper the Telegraph wrote that a group of British cardiovascular surgeons forced to go on an internship to India, not because there are higher levels of skill, but because it is the only opportunity for the British to gain the necessary clinical experience. In India, young surgeons will be able to study 16 hours a day, and in the UK it is impossible because of the 48 hour working week. They are unable to accumulate the necessary practical experience in the internship at home.

Europe has always been a strong artisans, small private enterprises, shopkeepers, restaurateurs, and so on. But now they have problems, they can’t hire people. That is, they can, but it became ruinous.

The article in the magazine cited the following facts: in France, the entrepreneur for every 100 euros of salary of the employee has to pay 75 Euro social security taxes. And on top of that, employees are not allowed to work per week more than 35 hours. “What do I tell customers? They went because the chef and waiters have developed the required hours?”, — outraged the owner of the restaurant. In the end, he reduced the number of employees. And the owner enterprises moved production to Bulgaria. If working in France costs 15 euros per hour in Bulgaria is 1 Euro.

Another problem associated with high costs and complexity when dismissing employees. It would seem to people is good. But in the end, employers hire fewer people for less money. As a consequence, the workers receive less money, it generates low purchasing power of the population, that is the weakness of the domestic market and the instability of the economy.

Not only Depardieu outraged by what is happening. And the youth is trying to draw attention to the problem because it primarily suffers from unemployment more than others. This year will remain out of work every fourth Frenchman under the age of 35 years.

Therefore, three young Frenchmen have launched a campaign under the slogan, that translated roughly as “Get out!”. They are trying to say that I cannot see a future for themselves in the country under the current policy.

Known and the initiative of the group of “Dudes”, which gathered thousands of supporters in the Internet under the demand to stop the confiscatory fiscal policy for small and medium businesses. And this has helped to block a number of fiscal initiatives of the government. This writes in the same article the Light.

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Europe reeling, not because of globalization, Chinese imports, Greece or financial turbulence. The problems lie at the microeconomic level, in the plane of relations to entrepreneurship, and this problem should be solved. And it is a pity that people like Depardieu today do not hear or want to hear, and they have to slam the door, that somehow the situation to influence. However it is a disease widespread in politics today wins only the opinion of the crowd.

On the other hand, we as the neighbors of Europe is not indifferent to what happens there. Always nice when a neighbor’s Affairs are in order, there is abundance, with them then and profitable to trade.

Russian citizenship Depardieu can be seen as a symbol of the fact that his warning we heard on the European rake a foot. Whether to live with us a Frenchman, will the Minister of culture in Mordovia, or somewhere else — does not matter. Neither he nor other Europeans taxes, we are still not save.

It is more important to learn lessons from the “European crisis” and learn to solve their problems themselves — his mind, his hands, his practical talent to produce a specific economic benefit, because this is our country and therefore our responsibility.

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