Gerard Depardieu and his citizenship Part 1

In December 2012 Gérard Depardieu refused French citizenship. Shortly thereafter, it was announced on granting the actor Russian citizenship. Loud and theatrical move Depardieu – the actor’s talent brilliantly evident even in this episode – was viewed by most as self-praise, unwillingness to pay taxes and protest against the new government of socialists. But how true is this information, or is it just an attempt to hide the real situation?

The media began to discredit the actor not because of patriotism but because of his actions he came to Europe on sick Mazola that now no one wants to treat.

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Gerard Depardieu

Born in 1948 in the small town of Chateauroux in a poor family. At age 14 began working as a printer in the printing. Also engaged in the illegal trade of fuel from a military base. Barely graduated high school due to family problems. In childhood and adolescence stuttered and before enrolling in drama school had problems with speech.

He is now 64 years old, starred in more than 180 films (4 films per year). His fortune is estimated to be worth about $200 million.

The winner of the award “Golden Globe“, a two-time winner of the award “Cesar”, the winner of the award of Stanislavsky, cover of the Legion of honor and the order “For merits”, restaurateur, winemaker.

We are talking about the attitude towards entrepreneurs, both large and small, on the labor market, about all the particulars that is the economy in its real context. But talking about it is not accepted, is not politically correct. The majority of the population affected by the crisis, and people want simple solutions such as raising taxes on the rich. And no one cares where will this lead.

The story with Depardieu

Depardieu has in the past been sympathetic to the left. Supported the socialist François Mitterrand in the 80-ies, in the 90s helped the French Communists, not only moral support but also money. This is about greed Depardieu. In recent years, he was on the side of Sarkozy for his promise to cut taxes and rein in bureaucracy. It probably coincided with the fact that the actor became an entrepreneur, and I saw the economy from the inside.

To accuse Depardieu of unwillingness to pay taxes is not very logical. In an open letter to the Prime Minister, the actor wrote: “I didn’t kill anyone, I don’t think I committed unworthy acts, for 45 years, I paid 145 million euros in taxes, provide jobs for 80 people. I don’t need neither pity nor praise, but I do not accept the word “pathetic””. And said that last year the taxes have gone 85% of its revenues. It is obvious that greedy it’s only a blind man would call.

For the entrepreneur money is not the goal but only a means for the development of business, and business is something that benefits everyone. Rich people don’t like high taxes not because of narrow-minded greed, but due to the fact that they limit the entrepreneur to do more to invest in new projects, hire new employees, that is, to develop and benefit.

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This is the point of growth of the economy. And surprisingly, this logic does not understand the policies that the economy in General kind of a responsibility and bear. And if people will not invest in the development of the business, where will the growth in income of the population and the country?

Or worse, and politicians are aware but forced to follow the aspirations of voters who believe that the rich are unfairly rich and therefore have to pay even more. But if the person is taken 2/3 profit, it make sense to do business there. Or in Europe capitalism was abolished, but forgot to tell anyone?

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