First 100 days Part 2

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The verdicts in the media

Evaluation of media also reflect the extraordinary split of America. Steadfast conservatives exude enthusiasm. The “best “first 100″ in my life”  entitled published on Thursday an article by Mark Davis, who was born in 1957 and is still admired Reagan. Davis writes that the first 14 weeks presidency has eclipsed even Reagan. “I’ll start with the amazing circumstances that makes every day a new presidency: Hillary Clinton is not the President!” the author writes, and lists troubles that, in his opinion, escaped to America thanks to the victory of the trump.

It’s new year’s turtle economic growth, and the “uncertain global leadership” and a “catastrophic increase in government spending,” and “a series of legal tyrants in judicial robes” are the liberal judges who would have appointed Clinton. “Whatever the President may trump  sums up the journalist, is in any case will be light years better than the fate that would threaten us if 8 it otherwise.”

According to the author, the country is changing, with the wave of a magic wand: “the Boundaries again mean something, and America will really pay attention to who comes into our country, and to be aware of the whereabouts of these people, when they’re here.” “Job creation has again become an important direction of economic policy”, “terrorists and tyrants around the world have been warned that when we “lead from behind”, came to an end, our allies know that it can rely on us, and our enemies know that they don’t underestimate us,” continues Davis.

Supporters of trump’s unanimous in the opinion that the most momentous accomplishment of his first 100 days was the appointment of a conservator of the Nile Gorsuch a member of the Supreme court of the United States. Gorsuch found himself not a tramp, and think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation and the success of this destination has ensured Republican senators have approved appointee by a simple majority, but without that trump candidacy would not exist.

Courts play a very important role in the life of America and, for example, has foiled the plans of trump temporarily close the entrance of a number of “problem” of Muslim countries and to deny part of government subsidies of the cities of refuge, harboring illegal immigrants from Federal authorities. If Trump will be able to appoint to the Supreme court one or two conservatives (judicial posts in the United States lifetime), it will leave a deep imprint on a whole period of American history.

Because the purpose Gorsch can be attributed to the success of trump, does not argue even his ardent critic, as editor of the New Yorker magazine David Remnick, published in this great article “Hundred days Trump”.

Author is the Trump sharply bitter and calls him incompetent and dishonest man, who filled his Cabinet and advisers millionaires and billionaires, deals with the abolition of the achievements of the Obama era, proposes to expand the Guantanamo prison, eager to cut funding for schools, after school programs, subsidized apartments and free legal aid for the poor, as well as fine arts and protection of water bodies from pollution from coal mining.

From the point of view of Remnick and his associates, trump is the enemy of liberal democracy, which is not so tenacious as it seems. He quotes a letter from President John Adams, who wrote in 1814, ex-Senator John Taylor: “Democracy never lasts long. Soon she exhaled, knocked out power and killing himself. Never was a democracy that would not have killed himself”. The correspondent of the associated press Darlene Superville called his article “trump methodically, brick by brick, undoing the initiatives of Obama” and says it as the President erases the legacy of its predecessor.

Media noted that to do this totally trump is unlikely to succeed, because to abolish a bureaucratic innovation in America is a lot harder than they enter. 28 APR trump has signed a decree on expanding production of oil and gas offshore, as opposed to Obama’s policy.

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While public attention is focused on the unsuccessful attempts by trump to cancel medical reform Obama or to knock out of Congress funds to start the construction of a wall along the Mexican border, he kind of quickly signing whatever new decrees abolishing Obama’s.

As Politico notes, some documents trump signs with the pump, for example, a purely symbolic congressional resolution marking the importance of women in science and encouraging more to promote them at NASA. When trump signed before the cameras of the document, next to him stood a group of women and its Vice President Mike Pence.

Other instruments are less popular among the people, and trump signed them without a camera, for example, the lifting of the ban by Obama to shoot the cubs right in the den.

Another document signed without fanfare, cancelled the requirement that oil companies report their payments to foreign governments. Against this decree Obama lobbied for the current Secretary Rex Tillerson in his role as head of ExxonMobil Corporation. He argued that its operations in Russia will be severely hampered by the disclosure of such payments.

Among the other initiatives Obama, which encroached in the first 100 days of his replacement, Super Bill mentions “clean energy Plan”, designed to cut greenhouse exhaust, coal fired power plant, and the abolition of the three year moratorium on the change of state lands in lease of the coal companies.

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