First 100 days Part 1

100 days  long enough to ensure that voters and analysts could assess the activities of the new leader. Before it was invented by Franklin Roosevelt, no concept of the first 100 days of presidency in the US, and Roosevelt actually had in mind the first 100 days of the special session of Congress convened in order to harness the Great economic crisis.

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This is similar to the liberal New York Times writer David Leonhardt. But the concept caught on, and now the media roughly mark the end of the first 100 days trump in the post.

Compared to Roosevelt, trump in that time not particularly successful. He had not pulled through Congress any legislative initiative, although in both chambers is now running the show are Republicans. Roosevelt dragged 15. The Republicans on notice that Roosevelt had a much larger majority in Congress than trump, and then collapsed to the country’s economic crisis made it more susceptible to radical shifts than it is today.

Not that recent predecessors trump made in the first 100 days something historic, says guy Benson at the conservative website Townhall. Barack Obama pushed through Congress a huge economic stimulus package, but the economy this is not practically stimulated, and it has been a long time coming out of crisis on bent. The package is long erased from people’s memory.

The younger Bush struck an impressive tax cut, but signed the law this is not in the first 100 days, and in June. Since this measure was subjected to a hefty shrinkage and shrinkage, and now trump promises a new reduction of the tax burden, but so far only announced his project.

And time is running out: although the first 100 days is an artificial milestone, it means something real in the sense that in the beginning of his reign the President of the hardest and therefore the idea needs more time. On the other hand, if trump will do something fatal, not in the 95th day, and in the 107th, his fans will not pay attention to the fact that he did not meet the time frame, invented by Roosevelt.

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What do people think?

According to a survey by the Washington Post and ABC News, while 96% of Americans who voted for trump, I do not regret my choice. Sorry only 2%. Moreover, if elections were held today, trump would once again defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Like the Americans the results, says a survey conducted by the liberal website Politico and media company Morning Consult. They note that, as expected, the respondents ‘ answers determined their party sympathies. Supporters of Republicans tend to put their partner “A” and “b”, that is, five and four, while Democrats are noticeably stricter and put him in the main “D” and “F”. Roughly speaking, according to the Russian scale is a “C minus” and “unsatisfactory”.

Above all, the respondents estimated how trump is fighting with the terror. Below all his efforts in the areas of health, combating climate change and promised “draining the Washington swamp.” When respondents were asked how they evaluate his reign in the first three months overall, 16% answered “A, “and 23%”. However, 13% of respondents slapped Trump “D”, and 24%  and at “F”. It was mostly the Democrats.

Most respondents are not enthusiastic about the foreign policy of the new President: he has got “A” from only 12%. 24% gave him a “B”. Others praised his foreign policy on three, C minus and twos. If three quarters of Republicans think trump would run the country better, then more than half of Democrats believe he will become even worse.

Despite the fact that both houses of Congress, the Republicans in the majority, Trump has so far failed to conduct any major legislative initiatives.

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