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Turkey says goodbye. Washington and Ankara unleash a trade war

Turkey increases trade duties on goods manufactured in America – cars, alcohol, food, cosmetics, and threatens to impose a ban on electronics from the United States. In the States, the actions of the Turkish authorities have not yet been noticed. Between Washington and Ankara a real trade war is unleashed: the US raised duties on […]

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Why does the British Brexit stall?

Two years after the vote on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, there have been no significant changes. Moreover, the country is gaining strength calls for a repeat vote and to cancel the divorce from the EU. June 23, 2016, the inhabitants of Britain sensationally voted for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. This […]

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Trump and Putin future meeting

The election of Donald trump President of the United States, in addition to all the other global political challenges, sets the agenda of the Kremlin’s policy is quite specific psychological question, the answer to which is not obvious: how to deal with a person who is capable of lying even more sophisticated and assertive than […]

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Is Donald Trump preparing for the next war?

The Trump is planning battle against Iran. Significantly less than five times of Donald trump’s presidency, as has got gunpowder odor. Without actually awaiting an indent that is brand new to fight terrorism — it’ll prepare yourself in several weeks — the start of the governmental assault on Iran’s management. The national security Consultant, Michael […]

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Trump’s visa policy

Bad Trump issued a decree (executive order) on which entry to America was for 90 days is closed for citizens of Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia, regardless of the presence of these people entry us visa. Known for his unbiased attitude to the Trump CNN hastened to announce in the title that […]

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The assassination of Kim Jong-un

South and National agents attempting to assassinate the Northern Korean chief Kim Jong Un North Korea, state press. The declaration stated that North Korea will discover “mercilessly damage” terrorists. In a declaration launched with respect to the Northern Korean Ministry of express protection, stated that the terrorist team using the assistance of the CIA and […]

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Consequences of the victory Donald Trump on Obamacare

Approval by the house of representatives of the government bill on health care was only the first round in the long struggle of the administration of the President of trump against the reform of Barack Obama. But already now it is possible not to doubt that on Thursday the vote will have far reaching consequences. […]

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First 100 days Part 2

The verdicts in the media Evaluation of media also reflect the extraordinary split of America. Steadfast conservatives exude enthusiasm. The “best “first 100″ in my life”  entitled published on Thursday an article by Mark Davis, who was born in 1957 and is still admired Reagan. Davis writes that the first 14 weeks presidency has eclipsed […]

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