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Trump agenda

While it is not necessary to win the election. For this the world has never been the same, Trump had enough to participate in them. This is perhaps the first election in America, when the process itself was much more important than the result. Fireproof agenda But, contrary to predictions, the “infection” under the influence of […]

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The pirate party of hackers

Therefore, turned Leader of the world energy that was top. Yes, it just happened. Although specialists continue to be attempting to decide the reasons, consequently which he turned Leader, several genuinely believe that it just happened due to apathy against politicians, for example her celebration of America and Clinton. Ultimately, had a need to modify. […]

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Gerard Depardieu and his citizenship Part 2

In the West, more popular ideas, it is now called the buzzword “solidarity”, but the essence is the same: the rich should pay higher taxes to the poor to equalize the level of income. We’ve been through, Europe from our experience a lesson not learned. The current President of France, Francois Hollande, has announced its […]

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Gerard Depardieu and his citizenship Part 1

In December 2012 Gérard Depardieu refused French citizenship. Shortly thereafter, it was announced on granting the actor Russian citizenship. Loud and theatrical move Depardieu – the actor’s talent brilliantly evident even in this episode – was viewed by most as self-praise, unwillingness to pay taxes and protest against the new government of socialists. But how true […]

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Writing Good Thesis Statements

Usually, the thesis is applied for any types of essays, though it may be helpful for any sort of writing, which requires stating a stance or coming to various conclusions. Like a science officer organizes the whole experiment around a supposition, you may organize the whole piece of composing around the thesis. The Essence of […]

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Trump in famous movies

“Home alone 2. Lost in new York” If you remember, the main character arrives at the famous Plaza hotel, which at that time was Donald Trump. Boy meets Trump and asks him where the reception Desk. Prediction of “Unpredictable Susan” Surprisingly, the fact that Donald Trump’s life has prepared the presidency was predicted in the […]

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