Donald Trump

Articles about the 45th President of the United States and all his deeds

The analysis of new orders signed by Trump

President Donald trump and the Republicans in Congress are preparing a bill on large scale spending cuts to social assistance. According to sources close to the White house, trump was very angry when I saw the statistics on expenditures on welfare, immigrants paid taxes. Apparently, with green cards and even U.S. passports expecting a much […]

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Is Donald Trump preparing for the next war?

The Trump is planning battle against Iran. Significantly less than five times of Donald trump’s presidency, as has got gunpowder odor. Without actually awaiting an indent that is brand new to fight terrorism — it’ll prepare yourself in several weeks — the start of the governmental assault on Iran’s management. The national security Consultant, Michael […]

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A few thoughts about Donald Trump

On Friday, the planet viewed the Leader of the united states of Donald trump’s address. Everyone waited for the term odd billionaire, who’ll of the National individuals have taken within the most effective country on the planet fully to the head of energy. The speech’s content warranted the nervous objectives of both followers and competitors […]

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Trump in famous movies

“Home alone 2. Lost in new York” If you remember, the main character arrives at the famous Plaza hotel, which at that time was Donald Trump. Boy meets Trump and asks him where the reception Desk. Prediction of “Unpredictable Susan” Surprisingly, the fact that Donald Trump’s life has prepared the presidency was predicted in the […]

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The prediction for the next 100 days Part 2

Purpose The head of the White house office of the rings Primus is one of the key members of the administration Trump How slowly the administration of Donald Trump nominates candidates for thousands of positions in the Federal government, remains one of the most fascinating aspects of his presidency. Although Trump has consistently attacked Democrats […]

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The prediction for the next 100 days Part 1

The first 100 days of a Donald  Trump presidency behind. It’s time to take a breath, consolidate what has been achieved during these three months, and try to imagine what awaits us in the next 100 days. As I wrote last week, the results of the first 100 days of his presidency are very contradictory. […]

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First 100 days Part 2

The verdicts in the media Evaluation of media also reflect the extraordinary split of America. Steadfast conservatives exude enthusiasm. The “best “first 100″ in my life”  entitled published on Thursday an article by Mark Davis, who was born in 1957 and is still admired Reagan. Davis writes that the first 14 weeks presidency has eclipsed […]

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First 100 days Part 1

100 days  long enough to ensure that voters and analysts could assess the activities of the new leader. Before it was invented by Franklin Roosevelt, no concept of the first 100 days of presidency in the US, and Roosevelt actually had in mind the first 100 days of the special session of Congress convened in […]

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