Why does the British Brexit stall?

Two years after the vote on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, there have been no significant changes. Moreover, the country is gaining strength calls for a repeat vote and to cancel the divorce from the EU. June 23, 2016, the inhabitants of Britain sensationally voted for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. This […]

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Guidelines for homework – time and scope

More and more students and parents moan about the homework that is brought home from school. Already in elementary school, children spend several hours in the afternoon to complete all the tasks that the teacher desires. Stress in the family is inevitable. There are guidelines regarding the time and content of homework. On the one […]

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Charlie Hebdo and terrorism

In connection with the tragedy in Paris at the Eiffel tower were turned off evening lighting. The modern understanding of the principle of freedom of speech, and indeed freedom in General, was mildly childlike, one might even say kindergarten. Especially among young people, who forget that the flipside of freedom is responsibility, not as a moral […]

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Why do politicians endlessly repeat the same phrase?

Theresa may constantly speaks to the strength and stability. The closer the General elections in Britain members of Parliament are increasingly repeated in his speeches the same phrases and wording. Over and over again. Why do they do it? Last before elections session of questions to the Prime Minister in Parliament ended on Wednesday, appeal […]

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The future of world politics

The meeting members mentioned a broad selection of foreign policy problems that were relevant, as well as leads of assistance of Spain with international Claims in a number of places – from avoiding outer space’s militarization to reinforce the nonproliferation of atomic weapons. The draws experts from various areas of medical understanding – chemistry, army […]

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Political power and its structure

Energy is just a common interpersonal connection, supplying ethics and the business of human culture. Where you will find constant organizations of individuals it prevails everywhere. Historic expertise suggests that where is a serious steps of individuals, you will find usually energy relationships. With no energy of individual action that is structured can’t proceed. It […]

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