Dynamic Optimization for Leading Edge Performance

Founded in 2007, Eden Rock Communications is a pioneer in the Self Organizing Network (SON) space and is the developer of the industry’s leading SON technologies and solutions. Eden Rock team members began working together in the mid-1990s for the AT&T “Project Angel” where the team pioneered one of the first commercial applications of OFDM for broadband wireless. 

The Eden Rock team has collectively amassed unique expertise in both the system design of 4G products within OEMs and the deployment of 4G networks within operators. Eden Rock has leveraged its team’s unique expertise with 4G technology innovation, algorithm design, product development, and network deployment in order to cross conventional boundaries in the creation of Eden Rock’s novel dynamic resource optimization technologies. Eden Rock’s initiative has spawned numerous inventions and resulted in Eden Rock’s highly-innovative SON solution. Eden Rock has established a formidable IPR position with more than 70 SON-related patents/patent applications.

Eden Rock Communications is the leading innovator of dynamic resource optimization solutions that improve the capacity and performance of mobile networks. Keywords: self organizing networks, vistason, vista son, vista-son, son, mobile network optimization, radio resource optimization, wireless network optimization, andrew, commscope, interdigital, mimoon, ngmn, 3gpp, lte, 4g, eden-net, eden net, lte startup, lte advanced startup, lte intelligent software, infovista, huawei, zte, nokia siemens, alcatel lucent, reverb networks, actix, t-mobile, network capacity, network performance, heterogeneous networks