Monthly Archives: September 2017

The concept of political regime Part 1

One of the choice of various kinds of governmental systems’ essential factors may be the program that is governmental. Governmental regimen (in the Latin. Regime) is just a method of judgment, identifying a particular personality of conversation between regulators, businesses and people. It explains problems and particular atmosphere of a type governmental existence or, quite […]

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Gerard Depardieu and his citizenship Part 2

In the West, more popular ideas, it is now called the buzzword “solidarity”, but the essence is the same: the rich should pay higher taxes to the poor to equalize the level of income. We’ve been through, Europe from our experience a lesson not learned. The current President of France, Francois Hollande, has announced its […]

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Gerard Depardieu and his citizenship Part 1

In December 2012 Gérard Depardieu refused French citizenship. Shortly thereafter, it was announced on granting the actor Russian citizenship. Loud and theatrical move Depardieu – the actor’s talent brilliantly evident even in this episode – was viewed by most as self-praise, unwillingness to pay taxes and protest against the new government of socialists. But how true […]

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