Monthly Archives: June 2017

Ideology and politics: lessons from China

The Chinese comrades give lessons of information literacy in the modern world. Not in the sense of computer technology and information controls society and, ultimately, establishes authority in the field of economy in the global world. Even religion, which before in Communist countries didn’t stand on ceremony, now regarded as an important field of public administration. […]

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The tendencies of modern international relations

Currently, international relations are characterized by a variety of different relationships, a high degree of complexity. Suffice it to recall that if in 1945 the UN consisted of 51 States, currently more than 200. Given that each of these States has a different history, traditions, economic and political systems, different interests, you can imagine how […]

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Trump in famous movies

“Home alone 2. Lost in new York” If you remember, the main character arrives at the famous Plaza hotel, which at that time was Donald Trump. Boy meets Trump and asks him where the reception Desk. Prediction of “Unpredictable Susan” Surprisingly, the fact that Donald Trump’s life has prepared the presidency was predicted in the […]

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The prediction for the next 100 days Part 2

Purpose The head of the White house office of the rings Primus is one of the key members of the administration Trump How slowly the administration of Donald Trump nominates candidates for thousands of positions in the Federal government, remains one of the most fascinating aspects of his presidency. Although Trump has consistently attacked Democrats […]

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The prediction for the next 100 days Part 1

The first 100 days of a Donald  Trump presidency behind. It’s time to take a breath, consolidate what has been achieved during these three months, and try to imagine what awaits us in the next 100 days. As I wrote last week, the results of the first 100 days of his presidency are very contradictory. […]

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Great Britain exit from the EU

Followers of the English leave in the EU gained the referendum, busting 16.7 million votes’ hurdle. The space was minimum. Based on established information, the nation is revulsion in the EU elected 9% of Britons, 51. It’s very important to observe that the referendum isn’t legally binding, that’s, the federal government may choose future of […]

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